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Art Conservation Associates can assist you in all areas of estate settlement, including appraisals for tax or equitable distribution, and liquidation of all or part of an estate.

We offer you:
• Savings on taxes. Many times estate taxes are paid based on appraised values that overstate the net return. We help you avoid the overpayment of estate taxes.

• Proper allocation for equitable distribution. A fair appraisal of all items in an estate, in a single document, can assist in properly dividing assets among beneficiaries.

• Restoration. If cost effective, we can restore damaged works of art, making them more valuable at the time of sale.


• Placement of property. We can distribute, sell, or consign property to the appropriate auction house, dealer, or private collector.

• Reduced expenses. Since we consign regularly, the commissions we pay to auction houses and dealers are reduced. Our savings can be passed on to the estate.

• Direct-to-sales service. We can place entire estates for sale at one time, and base the settlement documentation on the prices actually received, rather than estimated value.