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What is a desk appraisal?

A desk appraisal is an appraisal, review, and/or condition report done without a physical inspection of the items. It is done in cases of theft, or where the items are too distant or too damaged for an inspection to be cost-effective.

What kind of information is needed to set up a desk appraisal?

We understand that sometimes the information provided by the insured is minimal. Detailed descriptions, photographs, and previous appraisals are ideal. However, we do our best to work from whatever is available, no matter how vague. We can also contact the insured, claimant, or other involved parties for additional information, with your permission.

Can you address condition, restoration, or loss in value in a desk appraisal?

Usually, depending on the information available. We can address these issues if there are clear photographs of the damage. We can also review restoration estimates provided by the claimant, to determine if they are fair and reasonable.

What is the cost for a desk appraisal?

The minimum fee is $350.00. This increases depending on the number of objects and the complexity of the appraisal. Upon request, can provide a firm fee for any particular appraisal for your approval prior to beginning any work.

What is the time frame for a desk appraisal?

Most are completed within a week. However, it can take up to a month if we are waiting for information to come in from other sources. Upon request, we can provide a time frame for your approval prior to beginning any work.

Where can I see an example of a desk appraisal?

Click here.


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